Professional development at university level: the AutoUni

The AutoUni, which operates under the Volkswagen Group Academy umbrella, ensures the availability of specialized academic knowledge within the Volkswagen Group. The educational offerings, which are developed in conjunction with the partner universities, are tailored to the needs of the vocational groups. With its eight institutes, the AutoUni offers numerous lectures, conferences, programs and cooperative study modules at university level. Cooperative study modules are used to study scientific topics in more detail and finish with an exam. Programs at the AutoUni, which is based in Wolfsburg, are being rolled out internationally, a process that dates back several years. In 2013, they were extended to the Group sites in Bratislava, Mladá Boleslav, Martorell, Shanghai and Beijing, among other places. One of the focuses was on future mobility: electric traction, innovative drivetrains and lightweight construction as well as sustainable transportation systems.

The AutoUni is also heavily involved in the Group’s doctoral student program. More than 420 doctoral students were supervised in 2013 at the various Volkswagen Group companies in Germany. The doctoral students conduct research on ambitious PhD thesis topics that are relevant for the Company. During this time, they work closely with the department they have been assigned to in the Group, which also appoints a supervisor within the Company for them. The AutoUni supports doctoral students by providing seminars on academic writing and its doctoral colloquium offers the opportunity to present ongoing dissertations and discuss them in public within the Group.