36 Litigation

In the course of their operating activities, Volkswagen AG and the companies in which it is directly or indirectly invested become involved in legal disputes and official proceedings in Germany and internationally. In particular, such proceedings may occur in relation to suppliers, dealers, customers, employees, or investors. For the companies involved, these may result in payment or other obligations. Particularly in cases where US customers assert claims for vehicle defects individually or by way of a class action, highly cost-intensive measures may have to be taken and substantial compensation or punitive damages paid. Corresponding risks also result from US patent infringement proceedings.

Where transparent and economically viable, adequate insurance cover is taken out for these risks and appropriate provisions recognized for the remaining identifiable risks. The Company does not believe, therefore, that these risks will have a sustained effect on the economic position of the Group. However, as some risks cannot be assessed or can only be assessed to a limited extent, the possibility of loss or damage not being covered by the insured amounts and provisions cannot be ruled out.

In 2011, the European Commission opened antitrust proceedings against European truck manufacturers including MAN and Scania. The investigations continued in fiscal year 2013. As of the reporting date, it is still too early to judge whether these investigations pose any risk to Volkswagen Group companies.

Antitrust proceedings, also opened in 2011, by the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) against several truck manufacturers including MAN and Scania were brought to a close in fiscal year 2013 with decisions to impose administrative fines on all manufacturers involved. MAN and Scania are currently examining legal action against the decision to impose fines.

MAN has also launched an investigation into the extent to which irregularities occurred in the course of the handover of four-stroke marine diesel engines, and in particular whether technically calculated fuel consumption figures were externally manipulated. MAN informed the Munich Public Prosecution Office (I) about the ongoing investigation and the matter was handed to the Augsburg Public Prosecution Office. In this connection, the Augsburg Local Court imposed an administrative fine in the single-digit millions on MAN Diesel & Turbo SE. The investigations by the Augsburg Public Prosecution Office into MAN Diesel & Turbo SE were terminated on payment of this amount.

In June 2013, the Annual General Meeting of MAN SE approved the conclusion of a control and profit and loss transfer agreement between it and Truck & Bus GmbH, a subsidiary of VOLKSWAGEN AG. In July 2013, award proceedings were instituted to review the appropriateness of the cash settlement set out in the agreement in accordance with section 305 of the Aktiengesetz (AktG – German Stock Corporation Act) and the cash compensation in accordance with section 304 of the AktG. It is not uncommon for noncontrolling interest shareholders to institute such proceedings. Volkswagen continues to maintain that the results of the valuation are correct. The appropriateness of the valuation was confirmed by the audit firms engaged by the parties and by the court-appointed auditor of the agreement.