Risk management

Carefully managing potential risks to the Company is a key component of our daily work. Volkswagen Group’s risk management system is oriented toward identifying, assessing, communicating and managing risks. This system is reviewed on an ongoing basis and adjusted in line with new conditions as necessary. A detailed description of the risk management system and our accounting-related internal control system can be found in the Risk Report.

The Supervisory Board has established an Audit Committee, which monitors the financial reporting process and the effectiveness of the internal control system, risk management, the internal audit system and compliance, in particular. It also supervises the audit of financial statements, particularly the independence of the auditors, the additional services provided by the auditors, the audit engagement, the definition of the areas of emphasis for the audit and the agreed fee. As recommended in article 5.3.2 of the German Corporate Governance Code, the Chairman of the Audit Committee, Dr. Ferdinand Oliver Porsche, has particular expertise and experience in the application of financial reporting principles and internal control systems.