IT risk

At Volkswagen, a global company geared towards further growth, the information technology (IT) used in all divisions Group-wide is assuming an increasingly important role. IT risks include unauthorized access to sensitive electronic corporate data as well as limited systems availability as a consequence of downtime or natural disasters.

We address the risk of unauthorized access to corporate data by using firewall and intrusion prevention systems and a dual authentication procedure. We achieve additional protection by restricting the allocation of access rights to systems and information and by keeping backup copies of critical data resources. We use technical resources that have been tried and tested in the market, adhering to standards applicable throughout the Company. Redundant IT infrastructures protect us against risks that occur in the event of a systems failure or natural disaster.

In addition, we continuously take measures to combat identified and anticipated risks during the software development process, when protecting the IT infrastructure and also in the allocation of access rights to systems and data resources. These preventative measures are taken with the aim of counteracting the growing intensity and quality of attacks on our IT systems and data resources at an early stage.

Volkswagen supplements its reliable technical protection against unauthorized access to sensitive data by systematically providing its employees with information and training. A Company-wide information security campaign was launched back in 2012, covering topics such as how to handle sensitive data.